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8 Ways to Prevent Trampoline from Being Blown Away

Securing your outdoor trampoline to prevent it from being blown away by the wind is essential to ensure safety and avoid damage, especially when considering kids trampoline usage. Here are some tips to help you keep your outside trampoline secure during windy conditions:

Anchor Kit for Outdoor Trampoline:
Many outdoor trampoline manufacturers offer anchor kits specifically designed to secure big trampolines to the ground. These kits typically include sturdy straps or anchors that you can attach to the trampoline frame and then secure to the ground. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.
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Wind Stakes for Garden Trampoline:
Purchase wind stakes or ground anchors designed for use with garden trampolines. These stakes are driven into the ground around the trampoline and help anchor it securely. Ensure that the stakes are driven deep into the ground for maximum effectiveness.

Weighted Sandbags for Kids Trampoline:
Place weighted sandbags or heavy objects on the trampoline frame. This adds extra weight to the kids' trampoline, making it less susceptible to being lifted by the wind. Distribute the sandbags evenly around the frame.

Store During High Winds:
If you know that severe weather with high winds is expected, consider disassembling the outside trampoline and storing it indoors or in a secure location. This is especially important during storms or adverse weather conditions.

Position Trampoline Near a Windbreak:
Place the garden trampoline in a location where it is naturally shielded from strong winds by trees, fences, or other structures. This can provide additional protection against wind forces.

Regularly Check and Tighten Kids Trampoline Components:
Periodically check the trampoline's components, such as frame joints, springs, and safety enclosure attachments for the kids' trampoline. Make sure everything is tightly secured. Loose parts can make the trampoline more susceptible to wind damage.

Remove the Safety Enclosure Net for Big Trampoline:
In extremely windy conditions, consider removing the safety enclosure net for the big trampoline. This reduces the wind resistance and lowers the chances of the trampoline being lifted.

Monitor Weather Conditions for Outside Trampoline:
Stay informed about the weather forecast and take precautions when severe weather is expected. If high winds are predicted, it's a good idea to take extra measures to secure the garden trampoline or temporarily disassemble it.

Remember, safety is paramount, and taking proactive steps to secure your outdoor trampoline, big trampoline, or garden trampoline can help prevent accidents and damage caused by strong winds. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for securing your specific trampoline model.
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