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Aotob make safety our first standard!We are committed to creating a happy and free outdoor play space for children, and also hope that children can enjoy the outdoor sunshine and breeze to the fullest. Besides, we advocate that parents can spend more time with their children to make family relationship closer.


In 1995 we selled our first trampoline offline and keep developing. Then we start ouronline business on Amazon in 2020. During years of development, Aotob has set up warehouses in the western, southern and eastern of the United States, which is beneficial for us to distribute products according to different geographical locations of customers, so that the products can be delivered to customers as soon as possible.

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Trusted Brand by Customers
Aotob products are loved by parents, children, and outdoor enthusiasts on Amazon. By continuously optimizing product design and enhancing quality, we are committed to developing into the first choice for outdoor trampoline demanders in the United States. We’re here to create that feeling of happy for everyone, anywhere.


Trampoline for Kids

Trampoline Benefit

Early childhood, adolescence are considered to be the most important periods for physical development while prolonged sitting can affect health. We have a responsibility to get our children outside to play sports. Trampoline exercise can not only help children have fun in play, but also strengthen children's physical fitness and improve their physical balance. In addition, trampoline is also very suitable for fitness people and outdoor enthusiasts. 


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