One of the most common types of large outdoor trampolines is the 15ft backyard trampoline. There are three shapes of outdoor trampolines: round, oval, and rectangular. Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gymnastics and extreme sports enthusiasts tend to prefer oval and rectangular trampolines, while round trampolines tend to be more suitable for children and families.

There are two common types of 15ft trampolines: in-net and out-net.





 big trampoline








The guard net is tight and the space is larger.


There is a large gap between the net and the guard bar, which reduces the risk of hitting the safety poles and minimizes the likelihood of foot pinching.


It is easy to hit the safety poles and for the user to fall into the gap between the spring cover and the jumping mat.


The safety net has a bit of slack.


There are two types of trampolines with different installation methods for the enclosure net. The in-net trampoline connects the upper and lower ends of the safety net to the top safety poles and springs, respectively, which creates space between the safety poles and reduces the risk of bumping into them. However, it may appear loose.

15ft kids trampoline
The enclosure net of the out-net trampoline is set on the trampoline safety pole, making it tighter but increasing the risk of users bumping into the safety poles and stepping into gaps while playing.
Many trampolines will be equipped with equipment such as basketball hoops, which will undoubtedly increase the fun of the trampoline and make children love outdoor sports more.


FAQs About 15ft Trampolines: Everything You Need to Know

1.Capacity and Weight Limit: How many children can safely use a 15ft trampoline, and what is its weight capacity?

When it comes to accommodating youngsters, 15ft trampolines often outshine their smaller counterparts. The precise number of children that can frolic on a 15ft trampoline varies across brands and models, based on load-bearing specifications. Typically, these trampolines can handle loads ranging between 250lbs to 450lbs, making them an excellent family choice. With a larger jumping area, the risk of collisions among children diminishes, ensuring uninterrupted playtime.


2.Any Tips and Considerations When Moving Your 15ft Trampoline?

You can move your 15ft trampoline when needed. Despite not being overly heavy once assembled, its size demands a balanced effort. To relocate it, enlist two adults for stability. This precaution ensures a safe transfer, especially when preparing your yard for cleaning. However, a crucial point to emphasize is that trampoline movement should only occur when no one is actively using it. Prioritizing safety ensures a seamless transition while safeguarding everyone involved.


3.How many springs does a 15ft trampoline have?

One of the factors that determines the bouncy of an outdoor trampoline is the number of springs. Larger trampolines have more springs, ranging from 96 to 110. Aotob 15ft outdoor trampoline has 108 springs, which exceeds the ordinary trampoline of the same type. Also, the spring size for a 15ft trampoline is 5.7'.


4.How long does it take to install a 15ft trampoline?

Usually, a large trampoline has more hardware and springs to install, so it will take longer.

Trampolines of Different Size

Time Needed to Assemble A Trampoline (1~2 people)

14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft Trampoline

1.5~2.5 Hours

8ft, 10ft, 12ft Trampoline

1~1.5 Hours

44in, 55in, 7ft Trampoline

0.5-1 Hour


5.What is the size of the jumping mat for a 15ft trampoline?

Generally speaking, the size of the jumping mat for a 15ft trampoline is not less than 13ft in diameter. The following is the size of the jumping cloth for each size of Aotob trampolines, for reference.


6.Are 15ft trampolines suitable for kids and adults alike?

Yes, the 15ft trampoline's spacious design makes it an ideal choice for both children and adults, providing a platform for family fun and fitness.

15ft large trampoline

In conclusion, the 15ft family trampoline captures the essence of outdoor entertainment and active play, offering a combination of a spacious jumping area and comprehensive safety features through enclosure nets. Whether for family gatherings, exercise routines, or skill improvement, the 15ft trampoline presents a world of possibilities for individuals of all ages.

Can Trampolines Be Used Indoors?

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