The general outdoor recreational trampoline has a service life of 2-5 years. Do you have an unused bounce trampoline in your backyard? It may be a birthday gift for your child, a Christmas present, or a reward, but in short, it accompanies your family with a happy time. You may reluctant to throw it away, so let's use our imagination and make some changes!


Bounce Mat

  1. Canopy

Start by removing trampoline’s legs, leaving 4-5 straight poles. Find some fabric that is the same length or longer than your trampoline poles and attach to the edge of the jumping mat. If you like, surround it with fabric, or just 1-2 side. Then turn the "trampoline" over and insert the straight pole into the ground. Finally put some outdoor furniture inside. A simple outdoor canopy is done!

 Trampoline canopy


  1. Swing / Hammock

Swing is one of the easiest way to make it. Remove the legs and poles, buy some high quality rope and attach it to your trampoline mat and finally hang it on a strong tree branch. Of course, you can also use some fabric to shade.

If you want a hammock, use your old trampoline bounce mat to make one.


  1. Outdoor Bed

No need to do any disassembly, just surround trampoline net with fabric and attach some led lights. Finally put your pillow and quilt on, and a perfect outdoor bed is complete. I can image families are lying on the trampoline bed and watching the stars at night, that’s fantastic.


  1. Projection Screen

You need to replace the trampoline jumping cloth with white fabric, or dye the jumping mat white. Remove the extra parts, set the round bounce frame up against a tree, and you're done with a great movie screen.


  1. Bags

Besides, the trampoline jumper can be disassembled to make a bag to store items.


Steel Frame

  1. Chicken Coop

The change of the framework will be more complicated, and we need to use more tools. First, we can use trampoline steel structures to make a solid chicken coop. We need a lot of wire fence.

Type 1: you can keep the bounce mat and the legs. Remove the poles of the trampoline and surround the legs of the trampoline with wire fence. Remember to make a door at the end.

Type 2: This requires you to cut the round frame of the trampoline in half, then use the trampoline pole to connect the two half circles, then use steel fence around it, and finally stand it up - of course, the door is also necessary.


  1. Soccer Goal

Cut the round frame of the trampoline, stand it on the grass, hang the cut jumping mat, and fix the bottom of the jumping mat at the grass.


8.Plant Climbing Frame

Type 1: You can cut the round frame of the trampoline in half, then insert it on the ground and connect it with some wire. Finally, plant some plants or roses on both sides.


Type 2: Keep the circular structure of the trampoline, remove the jumping mat, fix it in the soil, and plant some plants and flowers around it.


When spring comes, your neighbors will be very envious.


  1. Greenhouse

Greenhouses are made in a similar way to chicken coops, except that the wire fence is replaced with a greenhouse mesh.



  1. Hook Up

The spring of the Hang trampoline can be used to hang some items.


  1. Connection

Of course trampoline spring is a great connection.


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