• Do not use  recreational trampoline if you have consumed alcohol or any drugs.
  • Remove all hard sharp objects from person before using jump round trampoline.
  • You should climb on and off in a controlled and careful manner. Never jump on or off the bounce trampoline  and never use Aotob qualified outdoor trampoline as a device to bounce onto or into another object.
  • Always learn the basic bounce andmaster each type of bounce before trying moredifficult types of bounces. Re-read the Basic Jump Skills Blog to learn how to do the basics.
  • To stop your bounce, flex your knees when you land on the mat with your feet.
  • Always be in control when you are bouncing on the trampoline. A controlled jumpis when you land at the same spot that you took off from. If at any time you feel out of control, try to stop your bouncing.
  • Do not jump or bounce for prolonged periods of time or too high for a number of jumps.
  • Keep your eyes on the mat to maintain control. If you do not, you could lose balanceor control.
  • Never have more than 1 person on the trampoline for kids at any time.
  • Always have a supervisor watching you when you are on the trampoline.



Educate yourself with the basic jumps and safety rules. To prevent and reduce the risk of injuries, enforce all safety rules and ensure that new jumpers learn the basic bouncesbefore trying more difficult and advanced jumps.

  • All jumpers need to be supervised, regardless of skill level or age.
  • Never use the trampoline (exclude trampoline sprinkler)when it is wet, damaged, dirty, or worn out. The trampolineshould be inspected before any jumpers start bouncing on it.
  • Keep all objects that could interfere with the jumper away from the trampoline.
  • Be aware of what is overhead, underneath, and around the trampoline.
  • To prevent unsupervised and unauthorized use, the trampoline should be secured when not in use.
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