Do you annoyed with setting up outdoor trampoline now? Let Aotob help you! only 7 steps, you can finish your trampoline for kids and adults.

1.T-connector & Curved Tubes Instrallation

Connect all top rails via T-Sections

trampoline set up step 1


2. Connect the Frame Tube

Connect the round rail with the U-shaped leg.

kids trampoline install step2


3. Install Trampoline Spring on Jumping Mat

First use springs to connect the four positions (as picture shows)of the trampoline base and the bounce jumping mat. Then connect the others.

connect the bounce mat


4. Spread the Cover Pad

Place the spring mat on the trampoline and secure it with rope.

trampoline pad install


5. Attach the Pole to Frame Tube

Using parts to make sure the poles are all attached with U-shaped legs tightly.

outdoor trampoline tube installationtrampoline tube installation

6. Safety Trampoline Enclosure Net Installation

Connect the trampoline enclosure net with top poles. Then attach them on trampoline.

trampoline enclosure installation

kids trampolone net installation
7. Ladder Installation

Trampoline ladder installation


If it is not clear for you, here is a installation video for you!

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