How to keep kids outdoors longer? What should we do to have fun in our garden? Here are 6 outdoor play equipment to make children and teenagers feel funnier outdoors. What I highly recommend is the last of 2 pieces of equipment.

1. Giant 4-In-A-Row Game
Suitable for Many Places: Giant 4-In-A-Row Game is good for playing at home, outside, party.
Light & Portable: Because most of these toys are made of plastic materials, it is light and portable.
Easy to Setup: the 4-to-score game is easier to set up than any other outdoor play equipment, like recreational trampolines, outdoor swing sets and so on.
Improve Thinking Ability: As puzzle game equipment, it can improve the ability of thinking.
It is suitable for the wide age range of people, but only 2 people can play together at once.

2. Swing Set
Multi-Fun: Many swing sets have climbing, swing, slide and fort functions.
Kids can Play Together: It allows many kids to play together and it is much funnier for children.
Play & Sports: It is a good chance for kids to exercise outside when they are playing.
But it is only suitable for limited-age children and it has a high requirement of setting situation. Most swing sets do not have safeguards so parents should pay more attention to their kids when having fun.

3. Climber
Easy to Assembly: Don’t need many hours, this outdoor equipment is very easy to set up for a person.
Suitable for Young Children: Climbers can improve the limb coordination of younger kids. But it is not suitable for older kids and can’t allow many kids to play together.

4. Sand Box
Potable Outdoor Gift: Parents can take a Sand Box wherever they go, especially go to the beach. Also, it is suitable for playgrounds and backyards.
Price Friendly: Compared with other outdoor equipment, the sandbox is much cheaper and it can also bring a lot of fun for kids.
Easy to Storage: It is not a big piece of equipment and can be stored in any corner of your house.
Stimulate Imagination: Kids need to imagine what he/she wants to build by using sand and then keep adjusting to finish it.
But it may not attract older children and is easy to be forgotten in the corner.

5. Bounce House
Easy to Setup: Just need an electric blower, it can be set up quickly. Of course, it is also very easy to store!
Have Fun for Many Kids: Most of the bounce houses can accommodate at least 2kids for fun.
Perfect for Summer: With a swing pool, these kinds of bounce houses are suitable for summer holidays! While it is less popular in the winter.

6. Trampoline
Physical Fitness: According to NASA’s research: jumping is 68% more efficient than running or jogging. Jump on an outdoor trampoline can not only for fun but also improve limb coordination and balance ability
Suitable for Many People: Trampoline is a outdoor equipment that is suitable for both boys and girls, kids and adults.
All Season Usage: It is not easy to set up for many people but once finished, it can bring users a whole year funny! Children will all like it.

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