1. Share your joys and sorrows with your children.
Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is a half sorrow. The relationship between parents and children is the most intimate relationship in the world, and you should share your joys and sorrows together. Treat your kids like your best friends, so that children can feel your trust and respect for them and open up to you. But please don't put your pressure on your children. If you're feeling down today, you can tell your children, "I had a bad day today, if you can give me a hug, things will be better." Please never say something like "you should be better so I can be happy".


2. Tell children some secret about you.
If you want to get closer to your kids, you need to pay attention to communication skills. It's not a shame to tell your kids about your privacy and secrets, but a good thing to get closer to each other. When children feel that their parents are willing to share secrets with them, They are also willing to share their secrets with you,which makes it easier for you to develop a good relationship with children.

play with kids

3. Parents should find more opportunities to play with children.
More companionship. For example, play basketball with your child, go on outings together, and communicate with your child in these activities. Express your views and ideas in activities, and communication will be smoother. Children can also learn a lot from you.

play outside

4. Control your own reactions.
The process of education may not be so easy. There are many things that make you unhappy and disappointing, but you must control their emotions well. Anger is not a good education, and children may be against you. resentment.


5. Put yourself in the shoes of kids
Most parents will naturally impose their own ideas and experiences on children, thinking that many mistakes are impossible to make. However, you need to calm down and think about whether their cognition at this age is comparable to yours. Think about it from their perspective, and maybe you'll be less angry and find a good solution.

play together

In short, only when you sincerely open your hearts to children can arouse the emotional resonance of the children and establish a relationship of mutual trust with their children.

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