"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!"

Outdoor activities can bring much more fun to children than indoor activities. Of course, indoor activities are also essential. But we don't want children's time to be occupied by some electronic products, which is not only bad for children's physical development, but also has a bad effect on children's growth and mental development.
Aotob advocates that parents can lead their children to exercise outdoors, so that they can experience the joy of outdoor activities. Of course, there are many interesting outdoor activities, such as cycling, camping and so on. Today we will talk about "How do you play the trampoline game?"



For beginners, Aotob suggests that you can start with some simple jumping and flipping exercises. For some related skills, you can refer to "Basic Trampoline Bounce", and we recommend that beginners choose a trampoline with a safety net.
For users who already have proficient skills, we believe that they are very fond of outdoor sports and can master various trampoline tricks proficiently. Just like what we thought our customers reminded "movement always comes with danger", so we hope that even if you have already mastered the skills of trampoline backflip, you can still train with a partner.



Freeze is a project suitable for many children to play with, and the gameplay is very simple.
You need to prepare a device capable of playing music.
How to play: Someone needs to play or pause the music. Before the start, all the children stand on the trampoline, the music starts, and everyone can play, dance, and walk on the trampoline. But when the music pauses, everyone has to stay put, and if anyone is still moving, or just jumping in mid-air, they are eliminated.



3.Gaga Ball

This game requires a ball. The number of players involved will vary depending on the number of children around and the size of the trampoline. It's worth noting that the more kids involved in the game, the more fun it will be.
First, all children must stand on the trampoline before the other side throws the ball to them. Once the ball bounces on the trampoline and play begins, players use both hands to hit the ball at other players while aiming below the knee. Of course, kids will still be bouncing around on the trampoline, which makes aiming more difficult.
If you get hit below the knee, you can sit and play and wait for the game to end.
Also, a player cannot hit the ball more than once before another player touches the ball. The last participant to stand on the trampoline is the winner.




If your kids are very interested in basketball, trampoline basketball is perfect for them. Because trampoline sports can exercise children's bouncing ability well, and under the protection of safety nets, children can freely learn some layup skills. Besides, kids can also doing shooting game.
How to play
The two children stand at the red and green starting points respectively. They can decide who shoots first through rock-paper-scissors. Each person has two shooting opportunities in each round. If they make a shot, they will advance to the next point. In the end, whoever reaches the other's starting point first, wins.

trampoline basketabll

5. Do or Not

This game can exercise children's reflexes. This game suitable for many kids to play together. One kid pretend to be a leader. And the other stand in 2 or 3 line.
How to play
If the leader says “turn right”, others should not move, if someone move or do like the leader said-he/she is OUT. If the leader says “Leader says turn right” every one should do like he or she said, otherwise OUT.


6. Twister

Twister is suitable for 2-4 people to play, exercise the flexibility of the body.
Prepare items: twister mat balance pad, A referee, twister spinner turntable (not necessary).
How to play: Draw the corresponding color pattern/sticker on the trampoline jumping bounce mat. After participants remove their shoes, stand next to the mat. The referee turns the spinner to determine what color the body part should be on. If the pointer indicates as shown below, the referee says: Right foot on red. If there is no turntable, the referee can designate randomly, such as left hand on red, right hand on green.


7. Blind Man's Bluff

Suitable for 4-6 people to play.
How to play: Find a blindfold or other long piece of cloth to cover a person's eyes, this person is a "blind man", he goes to catch someone, and the person caught is the next Blind man. During the game, everyone can make sounds and touch the "blind man". It’s a little difficult to play on a trampoline, cause once you move the”blind man” can know your location.


8. Pegs

First you need to find some pegs!
How to play: Each person has an equal number of clothes clips on clothes. Everyone can take a clip from someone else's back and add it to the front of their clothes. The tasks of everyone in the game are the same and can be timed, such as 2 minutes. At the end of 2 minutes, whoever has more clips will be the winner.


9. Shake Off Label

This is somewhat similar to Pegs. First, prepare some post-it notes.
How to play:
Put the same number of sticky notes on the player's body, within the specified time, shake and jump on trampoline to get rid of the tags on the body. Be careful not to remove the notes with your hands or feet, and you cannot roll. Whoever has the fewest tags on his body is the winner.



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