The vast array of children's trampolines available today can be overwhelming when choosing the right one. Let's explore the suitable trampoline options for your children, considering various shapes and types. 


1. Big Outdoor Trampolines

Outdoor trampolines are a great fit for children aged 6 and up. Parents can select the trampoline size based on yard space, the children's age, and the number of users. Outdoor trampolines for kids generally fall into two categories: the popular round trampoline and the oval or rectangular trampoline, better suited for gymnasts or extreme sports enthusiasts.


Round Kids Trampolines

round indoor trampoline

    Round kids trampolines, being the traditional and common choice, are highly suitable for families.

     Apart from being an excellent outdoor exercise option for kids, a round trampoline can also double as outdoor seating for relaxation. Many families enhance their outdoor trampolines with LED lights, making it functional for nighttime enjoyment as well.


Oval & Rectangular Trampolines For Children

Oval and rectangular trampolines are ideal for kids and teenagers who want to practice gymnastics and bounce tricks . If you're planning to use them for backflip skills, Aotob recommends opting for a larger size, such as 12ft or more, as this provides a safe and spacious area for your exercises.


2. Small Indoor Trampoline

Trampoline for toddlers

Indoor trampolines primarily cater to younger children, necessitating a strong emphasis on safety in their design. These trampolines can be categorized into three types:

  • Round indoor trampolines with enclosure net.
  • Trampolines for toddlers without safety nets.
  • Trampolines of various shapes beyond the traditional round design.



Netted round trampoline for toddlers

kids play in trampoline

Many parents prefer the safety of a round children trampoline with a safety net. When selecting this type, consider that indoor trampoline users are typically younger and have a smaller jumping area. Therefore, a no-gap design is highly recommended for added safety. Additionally, choose a trampoline with netting featuring a finer mesh to minimize the risk of finger injuries and reduce skin pressure during use. Your child's safety is paramount.


Mini Kids Indoor Trampoline

Kids exercise trampolines share a design similarity with adults fitness trampolines but are smaller in size. These trampolines typically include a handle to aid in balancing the child during jumps, reducing the risk of falls. However, since there is no netting for protection, it is not recommended for toddlers under the age of 6.


Square/ Retangular Trampolines for Kids & Toddlers

This type of toddler trampoline in not as common as kids round trampolines, but square/rectangular trampolines are able to fit the room design better. Square kids trampolines tend to offer more jumping space for the same radius.


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