It is well known that childhood and adolescence are the two most important periods for bone development. In addition to be ensurred the good eating habits, they should also get enough exercise. But usually young children do not have the patience to do regular sports such as running and cycling. So how can we make children fall in love with sports? What I recommend to everyone is jumping-related sports. If your child happens to have a trampoline or a bounse house, he/she will definitely fall in love with outdoor sports.

Bounce trampoline activities are not only a fitness activity, but also an amazingly entertaining. People always yearn for the sky, and trampolines can easily bring children the experience of flying, so children are willing to stay away from sofas and computers to experience the joy of flying. Of course, trampoline can not only meet the sports and entertainment needs of people of different ages, but also trampoline is a comprehensive sports project that integrates sports, leisure and entertainment.
Aotob Trampoline

So what benefits can trampoline sports bring us?

1) Improve the function of the human motor system and promote growth.
As mentioned before, moderate jumping activities are good for bone development and physical development, especially for underage children.

2) Enhance physical fitness and prevent diseases.
Studies have shown that 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Trampoline jumping can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids throughout the body, and trampoline can prevent and reduce diseases. For example, it can enhance cardiopulmonary function, balance blood pressure, improve body coordination, help sleep, improve the functional level of central nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system, etc.

3) Improve human coordination, rhythm, symmetry, balance and movement accuracy.
In trampoline sports, people will unconsciously control the body to maintain balance, and rhythmic jumping can increase the control of rhythm and the ability to deploy various parts of the body.

4) Improve the bone strength.
When you do not exercise for a long time, the muscles gradually shrink and the bone density decreases. Conversely, when the gravitational force of jumping on a jumping surface increases, bone density and muscle strength increase.

5) Improve the range of motion, stability and flexibility of joints to prevent and reduce daily injuries.

Trampoline with basketball hoop
6) Improve muscle explosiveness and endurance, and enhance muscle elasticity.

7) Prevent/relieve obesity symptoms.
Among many weight loss methods, physical exercise is undoubtedly the most effective, because when the human body exercises and reaches a certain intensity, fat will be burned and converted into heat, which will be excreted through sweat, thereby playing a role in weight loss. The data shows that ten minutes of continuous jumping is equivalent to jogging for half an hour of calories. And compared to doing actions on the concrete floor, the impact on the limbs, especially the joints, can be reduced by 80% when doing actions on the trampoline. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help to promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation, and prevent and reduce obesity symptoms.

8) Trampoline exercise can relieve stress.
The fibrin effect produced by the body can please the nerves and even take away the stress and unpleasantness with enough exercise.
9) Trampoline can improve parent-child relationship.
Aotob trampolines provide a safe, relaxing environment for children and parents. Parents can spend more time communicating and getting along with their children.

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