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6 Ways to Choose the Best Trampoline

A NASA study found that jumping is 68% more efficient than running or jogging. Every child deserves an outdoor trampoline, and it can bring unparalleled joy to the family in leisure time. Pick the best trampoline for your budget and backyard size.

The most expensive is not necessarily the best for everyone. Personal understanding of the best should be the most suitable for your own. Below, I provide a few points to help you choose the best outdoor trampoline for you.



No matter what kind of outdoor play equipment, safety should be considered first! But how to choose a safe trampoline? First, the stability of the trampoline. Comparing the number, shape and material of trampoline legs of the same size, U-shaped legs are generally more stable than ordinary legs. Also, the same type of legs with more legs are more stable. For example, a 12ft trampoline with 5 legs is more stable than a 12ft trampoline with 3 legs. Secondly, inner net trampoline is safer than the outer net trampoline. This is not to deny the safety of the trampoline with the outer net, but the trampoline with internal net has less risk of collision. Of course a trampoline with an enclosure net is safer than one without it.


2. Max Load Capacity

On the one hand, the load-bearing of the bounce trampoline represents the stability of the structure, and on the other hand, it represents the elasticity of the trampoline jumping mat and the elasticity of the springs. Most high-quality PP trampoline fabrics have good elasticity and greater load-bearing. If it is a jumping mat of the same material, I would recommend a trampoline with more springs.


3. Size

The bigger trampoline does not mean the better one. There are many factors that need to be considered when buying trampoline. The first and foremost is the size of the placement space. The following picture can show it more intuitively. Secondly, according to the needs of users, if you want the whole families to be able to play on the trampoline, of course, a large-sized trampoline is better than a small trampoline.

Trampoline size


4. Entertainment & Function

A good trampoline may provide children with more than just jumping and flying. Some recreational trampolines will have basketballs, basketball hoop and other entertainment accessories, and children will of course prefer such trampolines. Some thoughtful functional designs are also a plus for the trampoline, such as a trampoline with a storage bag.


5. Price

We just need to know: the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the most suitable one must be the best.


6. Easy to Install

Most trampolines are complicated to install, but if there are more intuitional and clear installation diagrams or videos, it will definitely help you finish the installation faster and easier. For information on trampoline installation, see "How to set up an outdoor trampoline".


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