Trampoline is an outdoor activity equipment for children that can bring joy and exercise. However, compared to other toys, the price of the trampoline is not cheap, so what should we do when the trampoline is damaged or loses its elasticity?

If the damage is serious then we can refit the worn trampoline, see "How to deal with my old trampoline" for details, today we are going to discuss how to make your trampoline more elastic!

  1. Explore the reasons why yourtrampoline loses its elasticity

First of all, we need to judge why the trampoline loses its elasticity. Two references are provided below.

1.1 Jump mat

The jumping cloth loses its elasticity. Usually the safe service life of a trampoline is three years, but in the process of use, the jumping cloth may accelerate the aging due to various reasons (overloaded users, often eroded by rain, sun exposure, A sharp object is scratched...) If the jumper has lost its elasticity due to these reasons, we recommend replacing it with a jumper.

1.2 Spring

The spring will gradually lose its elasticity during long-term use. When you find that your springs don't contract well, you need to replace them promptly.

  1. How to increase the elasticity of the trampoline

Of course, how can you increase the elasticity of the outdoor trampoline if you are sure that your jumping cloth and spring can be used safely? Here are some suggestions for you:

2.1 Replacing a stronger spring

The easiest way is to replace your spring with a stronger and thicker spring, generally thicker and longer springs tend to have better resilience.

2.2 Increase the number of springs

Secondly, increasing the number of springs can undoubtedly increase the elasticity of the trampoline

2.3 Change the current installation method of the spring

Did not expect it? The elasticity of the spring can also be increased by changing the installation arrangement of the trampoline.

2.3.1 V-shaped connection

Hang one end of the two springs on the same trampoline hook, as shown in the figure

trampoline sping connect

2.3.2 X-shaped connection

Cross the two springs

X-shaped springs

2.3.2 #-shaped connection

Connect the trampoline hooks in the shape of #

#-shaped springs


Trampolines, like other toys, will have a safe lifespan, and what we can do is to try our best to ensure its safety and functionality. However, when the product has a safety problem, it must be stopped and repaired in time.

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